IMAC Coach Tutors

National Coaching Development Programme

IMAC works in partnership with Coaching Ireland as part of the National Coach Development Programme  to train and qualify Coach Tutors to present the Martial Arts Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Awards.

The following are the current active Coach Tutors within IMAC


Roy Baker  (Kickboxing)         

Brendan Dowling (Aikido)

Adrian Byrne   (TaeKwon Do)                 

Bill Creasey   (Karate)        

Paul  Coffey   (Kickboxing)   

Joe Hagan  (Kickboxing)                    

Robert Haugh  (Kickboxing)                 

Ian Kingston  (Kickboxing)                 

Michael McDermot  (Kickboxing)            

Martin Mc Mahon   (Kickboxing)              

Martin Bannon (Kickboxing)                 

Dave Diggin  (Karate)        

Kenneth Wheatley (TaeKwon-Do)

Sam Lee (Wushu)

Donal O Donaghue (TaeKwon-Do)

Stephen Ryan (TaeKwon-Do)

Kathryn Cassidy (Kendo)

Liam Dale (Wushu)

Eddie Walsh (Wushu)


Tutors In Training

Andrea Whelan (Karate)

Jessica Burke (Karate)


IMAC is a National Governing Body for Martial Arts in Ireland, as appointed by the Irish Sports Council.
IMAC, Greenside House, 45 - 47 Cuffe Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
. Telephone +353 1 4758627  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.