Coaching Programme

IMAC, in partnership with Coaching Ireland, has developed a Martial Arts Coaching Development Programme. Through this programme IMAC offers its members the opportunity to obtain recognised coaching qualifications.

The coaching programme helps IMAC instructors provide a safe and positive training environment in their clubs. It also helps raise awareness of best practice in contemporary coaching methods.

The content of the coaching programme covers the technical and tactical skills of Martial Arts and examines the impact of individual lifestyle choices on an Athlete’s well being. The programme focuses on developing the Instructor’s understanding and teaching skills and aims to enhance their ability to effectively share their skills and knowledge with their students.

The ongoing development of the IMAC Coaching Development Programme and the running of Level 1 and Level 2 Course are overseen by IMAC's Coaching Committee.

Martial Arts Level 1 Coaching course

IMAC currently offers a Martial arts Level 1 : Assistant Club Coaching course. Any Martial Arts Instructor wishing to take part in the IMAC coaching programme must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current member of IMAC.
  • Hold the entry grade/rank specified for the required Course level.
  • Hold a basic First Aid qualification.
  • Have attended a Code of Ethic for Young People in Sport Certificate.
  • Be nominated by their the Senior Instructors of their own organisation and the IMAC Advisory Board.

To keep existing qualifications current all IMAC coaches must attend at least one Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course every three years.

Martial Arts Level 2 Coaching course

The Martial Arts Level 2 : Club Coach Coaching course is in the final stages of development. IMAC members will be informed through the IMAC Advisory Boards when the IMAC Martial Arts Level 2 Coaching Course is ready to roll out.

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Download Coaching Leaflet

Information Leaflet: IMAC Coaching Programme
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