Child Protection Policy

IMAC’s Young People’s Policy offers all instructors, guidelines upon which they can develop and implement best practice within their own clubs and organisations. IMAC considers it a priority to encourage our member organisations to provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for young people to enjoy Martial Arts.

All primary Instructors registered with the Irish Martial Arts Commission are;

  • graded within their chosen Martial Art; have undergone basic First Aid training;
  • have participated in a Code of Ethics for Young People in Sport workshop (certified by the Irish Sports Council and the HSE);
  • have undergone the IMAC National Vetting Process
  • hold a Coaching Ireland qualification.

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New Club & Organisation Responsibilities Under The Children First Bill 2012

The Children First Bill 2012, when enacted, will introduce the following legal requirements on any club or organisations working with Young People

1. To notify the HSE of their existence. New Clubs / Organisation must notify the HSE 28 days BEFORE they start an activity and must notify the HSE of any changes of address etc within 28 days of the change.

2. To appoint their most senior person (Manager or Volunteer) as their Designated Officer who will have total responsibility for ensuring that the Club / Organisation adheres to all the Child Protection requirements.

This person may then delegate these tasks to somebody else within the Club / Organisation but the ultimate responsibility remains with then.

3. To draw up a 'Keeping Children Safe Plan' for the Club / Organisation.

4. To make the Keeping Children Safe Plan available to all Staff, Volunteer, Parents and Children.

5. To maintain detailed records on all Child Protection policies and records of all Child Protection concerns that arise or are brought to the attention of the Designated Office.

6. To maintain records of personal contact details of all staff / volunteers, their training, their Vetting and their adherence with all relevant Child Protection requirements.

7. To ensure that all Staff / Volunteers are suitably aware of the organisation’s Keeping Children Safe Plan and trained in the appropriate reporting procedures.

8. To ensure that all Parent and Children are suitably aware of the organisations Keeping Children Safe Plan and encouraged to report any Child Protection concerned of which they become aware which availing of the services of the organisation.

9. To appoint 3 people (1 of whom must have experience of working with children) as the Internal Audit Committee to draw up an Annual Internal Audit of the Club / Organisation’s compliance with their requirements under the new legislation.

10. To adhere to the new “Safeguard Guidelines for Organisations” (yet to be published by HSE) which will include: Appropriate adult gender mix, levels of supervision during showering / dressing / sleeping, use of photography & video etc.

11. Records showing the compliance of an organization is regards to all of the above requirements has to be available to, and provided to, the HSE on request.

In addition the new Children First 2012 Bill includes the following:

A Designated Office must, if requested to do so, assist the HSE in the investigation of concerns being reported to the HSE.

All Staff / Volunteers will all have a mandate to report Child Protection concerns and to report if the Club / Organisation’s Keeping Children Safe Plan is not being implemented.

Failure to do so may result in a volunteer being prohibited from working as a volunteer in that organsiation.

If you seek advice from the HSE and, on the basis of that advise, do NOT report an incident – it will NOT be a defense in law that the HSE advised you accordingly.

Improvement & Prohibition Notices.

In the case of there being a suspected breech of the Children First requirements the HSE will issue an Improvement Notice and, if the matter is not addressed to the HSE’s satisfaction then a Prohibition Notice will be issued which can result in a Club or Organisation being Prohibited from carrying on an activity.

Criminal Justice (withholding of information on Offences against children and vulnerable adults) Act 2012

There are further responsibilities in the pipeline with the Criminal Justice (withholding of information on Offences against children and vulnerable adults) Act 2012 currently going through the Dail, making it an addition offence for any person to with-hold information about an offence being carried out against a young person.

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