IMAC aims to ensure that there is a level playing field for participants within Martial Art national and international competitions. To help achieve this aim, IMAC have adopted the Irish Anti-Doping Policy as laid down by the Irish Sports Council and the World Anti-Doping Agency.


Major competitions and tournaments organised by the Irish Martial Arts Commission, or by any member organisations, can be visited by the Irish Sports Council’s Anti-doping unit. Athletes at these events may be randomly tested for prohibited substances. They are also required to monitor their diet to ensure that they do not inadvertently consume a prohibited substance.

Elite Martial Arts athletes are required to submit quarterly Where-about forms and inform the Anti-doping Unit if they have to take any medication that might trigger a positive Dope Test.


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Athlete's Responsibility

Under the Irish Anti-Doping Policy it is the individual Athlete's responsibility to ensure they are fully informed about their requirements in regard to the intake of foods, medicines or other produce that might trigger a positive indication on a Dope Test. 

The World Anti-doping Agency provide a variety of resource materials including downloadable information, anti-doping interactive quizes and on-line tutorials. You can access these materials on their website by clicking here.  

IMAC advises all member Athlestes to familiarise themselves with this material.

Anti-Doping Campaign
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have produced a ‘Say NO! To Doping’ video clip as part of an Anti-Doping awareness campaign.

The ‘Say NO! To Doping’ campaign emphasises the key sporting messages of courage, respect, effort and to accept challenges and is designed so international and national sports organisations can unite behind it in support of clean sport.

You can view the WADA campaign material on their website by clicking here. 


IMAC is a National Governing Body for Martial Arts in Ireland, as appointed by the Irish Sports Council.
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